They say true love never ends, even in death. When Dr. Stampfl opened Creekside Manor, he didn’t expect that love would be what brought his work to a grinding halt. For years he worked trying to help his patient’s overcome their deepest fears using his own technique called “flooding.” He placed the patients in a chamber where they would be relentlessly subjected to what they were most afraid of. One patient in particular caught Dr. Stampfl’s attention, a Ms. Elaine Eckenrode, who was being treated for her fear of the dark. Stampfl seemed to spend more time with her than any of the other patients. He developed an obsession with her, spending days at a time just watching her eat and sleep. He loved everything about her.

            Although it was strictly prohibited for staff to enter a patient’s chamber while they were being treated as they were known to become quite violent, Stampfl couldn’t help himself. On Valentine’s Day of 1906, Stampfl unlocked the door to Elaine’s chamber while she slept. Stampfl had a handful of roses to surprise her. Just as he lay the roses by her bedside, Elaine awoke, terrified by the dark figure beside her. Crazed by her fear, Elaine violently attacked Dr. Stampfl in an attempt to protect herself. Stampfl was never heard from again. Over one hundred years later, when Creekside Manor was found abandoned, Elaine Eckenrode was among the patients found still locked in their chambers, nothing left but their bones. Nobody ever did find the remains of Dr. Stampfl… But still to this day, fresh roses are found in Ms. Eckenrode’s chamber every Valentine’s day.

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